Measurements of Angular Distributions of Electron Bremsstrahlung Method Based on CXR

Keywords: bremsstrahlung, CXR, angular distributions, modeling, GEANT 4.9.2


The spectral-angular characteristics of the electrons bremsstrahlung from amorphous targets were calculated in program code GEANT 4.9.2. The angular distributions of the bremsstrahlung yield from Si and W targets with different thickness for electron energy Ee = 30…1200 МeV were calculated. It is shown that the width angular distributions Nγ(θ) at half maximum θ1/2 decreased with increasing Еe and increased with increasing  Z and targets thickness. The interaction of electron bremsstrahlung with the secondary targets material was modeled in which characteristic X-ray radiation (CXR) are excited. The calculations for the secondary targets with different transverse size corresponding to given values of the solid angle, which selected the portion of bremsstrahlung flux, were performed. Calculated angular dependence of CXR and the corresponding angular distributions of bremsstrahlung are compared.


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