O.I. Akhiezer Institute of Theoretical Physics

  • Alla Tanshyna Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Keywords: Akhiezer, Kharkiv, physicist, UPTI


Professor A.I. Akhiezer is an outstanding Soviet theoretical physicist who made an outstanding contribution to the development of science. He is one of the most active in the field of theoretical physics of Soviet scientists. He has done about a hundred papers on various problems of nuclear physics, quantum electrodynamics, and the theory of charged particle accelerators. A number of difficult and ingenious studies, which gave fundamental results, made a significant contribution to the development of these problems and made his name known and authoritative among scientists of the Soviet Union and abroad. Professor A.I. Akhiezer is one of the best Soviet theoretical physicists working in the field of atomic nucleus physics and quantum electrodynamics. He is the author of first-class works on the scattering of γ-quanta by nuclei, on the diffraction scattering of nuclear particles. He established the possibility of a new phenomenon — diffraction splitting of deuterons by nuclei. AI Akhiezer is the author of the pioneering work on the scattering of neutrons in crystals, which have become particularly important in connection with the question of the moderation of neutrons. Of great importance was his first work to determine the critical dimensions of the reactor, taking into account the slowing down of neutrons. Of particular note are the works of Professor A.I. Akhiezer and his school on the theory of linear accelerators of charged particles and the theory of plasma.


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