Keywords: polarization phenomena, electron, nucleon, form factors, inverse kinematics, scalar boson


The differential cross section for the elastic scattering of unpolarized protons on unpolarized electrons at rest is calculated taking into account two mechanisms: one-photon and scalar-boson exchange. The spin correlation coefficients, when the proton beam and the electron target are both arbitrarily polarized, have also been calculated. These observables are calculated in terms of the proton electromagnetic form factors, namely magnetic and electric ones. Some peculiarities of the inverse kinematics (the mass of the colliding particle is larger than mass of the target particle) have been discussed. It was shown that all the spin correlation coefficients in the elastic proton electron collisions are proportional to the proton magnetic form factor. The same behaviour takes place for the spin correlation coefficients in the elastic electron proton scattering (the electron beam and proton target are both polarized). It was shown that only the interference of the two mechanisms (one-photon and one-boson) gives nonzero contribution to the spin correlation coefficients. If the spin vectors of the proton beam and electron target lie in the reaction plane then the corresponding spin correlation coefficients are zero for the case when scattered electron momentum is in the direction of the proton beam momentum. 


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Author Biography

A. G. Gakh, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

4 Svobody Sq., Kharkov, 61022, Ukraine; Corresponding author: agakh@karazin.ua


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