Historical aspects of the profit category formation and its modern interpretation for enterprises of the hotel and restaurant business

Keywords: financial results, costs, contribution margin, hotel, restaurant


The study purpose is (1) to examine the historical aspects of the economic category “profit” formation, (2) to determine the modern characteristics of the category "profit" and (3) of the profit formation features for enterprises of restaurant and hotel business. A systematic review of scientific literature on the topic was used to study the historical aspects of the profit category formation and of its current state. In order to assess the profit economic importance as a basis for the state development, time series analysis was used, as well as a graphical method based on Excel. Modelling was applied to assess the impact of factors on profit formation in the hotel and restaurant business. The results of the analysis of the scientific literature referred to the topic of the study show the ambiguous attraction of the profit category in the historical aspect of its development. Profit is a multifaceted and complex category that has constantly evolved from antiquity to modern times. The meaning of profit is evidenced by the fact that it is the main source of financial resources at the micro- and macro- levels. Income tax is important for formation of state budget revenues. The analysis of profit tax revenues and its share in Ukraine’s consolidated budget shows that the profit tax share in the revenues structure of the Ukraine consolidated budget fluctuates over the past 7 years within the range of 6–11%. Hotel and restaurant businesses belong to the service sector. At the same time, restaurant enterprise accomplishes the functions of production, trade, and service provision. An analytical study of the influence of factors on the formation of profit requires a qualitative analytical model that would take into account the specified specifics. Such a model should be based on a marginal approach.


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Author Biographies

H. Vyslobodska, Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies Lviv

Ph.D. (Economics),

Associate Professor of the Department of History of Ukraine, Economic Theory and Tourism

T. Kalaitan, Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies Lviv

Ph.D. (Economics), Associate Professor,

Associate Professor of the Department of History of Ukraine, Economic Theory and Tourism


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