Business Person of the Beginning of the 21st Century: a Sketch of a Socio-Psychological Portrait

Keywords: entrepreneurship, business initiative, success, emancipatory values, leadership skills, achievement motivation, socialization, cultural reproduction


The article attempts to create a social-psychological portrait of subjects of social-economic activity. The contribution to the non-economic understanding of entrepreneurship by such classics of sociological thought and modern scientists as H. Spencer, H. Lebon, M. Weber, I. Wallerstein, G. Hofstede, K. Polanyi, T. Barnes, A. Flem, as well as such Ukrainian sociologists, such as V. Vorona, V. Pilypenko, V. Reznyk, Y. Pachkovsky, E. Seryi, A. Loza, etc. Acquired and prescribed (ascriptive) personal characteristics of a modern person that contribute to or hinder the conduct of successful entrepreneurship and business development are analyzed initiatives It is noted that acquired personality traits that positively affect the effectiveness of social and economic activity are the result of social influence and cultural reproduction. It is emphasized that the analysis of the results of numerous scientific studies, in particular sociological, expert opinions of scientists, own observations allowed the author to come to the conclusion that the acquired characteristics for successful entrepreneurship and the development of business/career initiatives in a stable society are significantly / directly correlated with the presence of such emancipatory values, as: internal personality type, achievement motivation, leadership aspirations, self-control, systematicity, long-term planning perspective, psychological youth, rationality, independence, responsibility, innovativeness, hard work, law-abidingness, punctuality, etc. Attention is focused on the fact that the listed values saturate the public space of countries to varying degrees, which is due to the difference in their traditions, mentality, social institutions and attitudes, mechanisms of socialization, and the peculiarities of cultural production. As a result, this causes a significant difference between economically developed countries and countries with a weak economy. The directions of further research on the selected issue are determined, in particular, the creation of a social and psychological portrait of a modern Ukrainian entrepreneur.


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Author Biography

Vadym Nikolenko, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, 72, Gagarin Av., Dnipro, 49010, Ukraine

Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Sociology




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Nikolenko, V. (2021). Business Person of the Beginning of the 21st Century: a Sketch of a Socio-Psychological Portrait. Visnyk of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Series "Sociological Studies of Contemporary Society: Methodology, Theory, methods", (47), 18-25.
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