Conceptual basis of activation of innovative activities of enterprises

Keywords: innovation activity, development factors, management, mechanism


The study is devoted to the problem of intensification of innovative activities of enterprises to solve the problems of liquidation of the consequences of the armed invasion of Russia and the post-war recovery of the domestic economy. The article analyzes the measures for successful innovation activity, formation of the relevant infrastructure, and state support. These measures, despite their number, are ineffective, as evidenced by the declining indicators of innovation activity of domestic industrial enterprises and the decrease in the number of employees involved in research and development. The reasons for the low innovation activity of domestic enterprises are analyzed, and it is concluded that the problems of innovative development of domestic enterprises depend on the ability to carry out innovative activities. It is proposed to solve the problems of innovative development of domestic enterprises by creating tools for managing innovation activities. These tools are able to provide conditions for: intensification of activities, orientation to the needs of consumers of innovative products, creation of opportunities for interconnection of participants in innovation activities, attraction of necessary financing. The author proposes a mechanism for ensuring the development of innovation activity based on elements of systemic, process and functional approaches, which allows choosing methodological tools, forming and technologically solving functional tasks. It is recommended to improve innovation activities by: forming organizational guidelines, which will allow to coordinate and regulate the ways of interaction between subjects and objects of management; coordinating external and internal development factors, which will allow to form the conditions for intensifying innovation activities; implementing management technologies, which will allow to carry out systematic and purposeful management of the development of innovation activities of an enterprise. The introduction of the proposed mechanism will facilitate the interaction of the state, science and industry within the framework of the exchange of knowledge and results of innovative activity, providing a basis for the formation of an innovative economy by activating the innovative activity of an individual enterprise.


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Author Biographies

N. Shandova, Kherson National Technical University

D.Sc. (Economics), Professor,

Head of the Department of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Economic security

A. Tarasiuk, Kherson National Technical University

Ph.D. (Economics), Associate Professor,

Associate Professor of the Department of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Economic security


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