Method of calculating the integral indicator of transparency of Ukrainian banks

Keywords: financial intermediaries, financial intermediation, shadow economy, bank transparency, non-financial reporting, detinization of the economy, shadow banking


The research is devoted to the problem of financial and non-financial information disclosure by banking groups of Ukraine. Detinization of the economy is one of the highest priorities of state policy, banks, as the largest group of financial intermediaries, act as one of the tools to reduce the level of shadow transactions. However, the problem of the presence of mechanisms for identifying violations, anti-corruption measures, which in turn should have a positive effect on the level of bank transparency, is still not sufficiently covered. In this paper authors analyze the Management Report. It is a report, which contains financial and non-financial information, reveals the state and prospects of development, and characterizes the key risks accompanying the activity. Since at this stage the normative acts do not define a unified form, the problem of information disclosure is quite urgent. Taking into account the above-mentioned research problems, the authors analyzed the key structural divisions of the Report of the largest state-owned banks with private and foreign capital during 2021-2022. Using the expert method, the points of the Report that more fully disclose information, those that directly relate to the problem of shadowing, were determined economy and fight against corruption, and those that do not exist at all. As the next stage, the authors chose the Fishburne method for ranking indicators in order of their importance, which became the basis for deriving an integral indicator of transparency for each bank. The results show that there is a general tendency to increase the level of openness of financial and non-financial information of banks. In terms of forms of ownership, banks with foreign capital and state-owned banks are more transparent, which in turn helps to reduce the level of shadow transactions.


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Author Biographies

Z. Oleksich, Sumy State University

Ph.D. (Economics), Senior Lecturer,

Head of the Department of Accounting and Taxation

A. Yaroshyna, Sumy State University

PhD student of the Department of Accounting and Taxation


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