• P. G. Kravchun
  • O. I. Kadykova
  • O. I. Zalyubovs'ka
  • N. V. Shumova
Keywords: leptin gene polymorphism, obesity, coronary heart disease


The article assesses the contribution of leptin gene polymorphism (Arg223Gln) in the development and progression of obesity in patients with coronary heart disease. 222 patients with coronary heart disease and obesity were surveyed. The study of leptin gene polymorphic locus Arg223Gln was performed by polymerase chain reaction of all examined patients. G allele and G/G genotype of the leptin gene polymorphism (Arg223Gln) are more common among the patients with coronary heart disease and obesity and the frequency of their detection increases with the growth of the degree of obesity.


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