A. Yefremov, S. Reva


Structural and principal problems in the field of control equipment for nuclear physics development are examined, in particular, the influence of dead time on the spectrum data aggregation and methods of correcting this influence. The variants of the organization of spectrometric systems, their advantages and disadvantages, the possibility of using different digital interfaces and computer buses are analyzed, and some of existing spectrometric equipment implementations examples are reviewed. The result of the work is an analysis of existing approaches to the equipment for electronic spectrometry organization and development, as well as a recommendation based on the approaches and different technological solutions to achieve the best ratio of performance and versatility is given. The problems that may be encountered in the spectrometric equipment development process and the existing solutions are described. The workability of various operating systems and real-time programming modules to the organization of processing equipment is examined, also the impact on the development-related cost and laboriousness of the opted facilities for solving these problems is examined, and the optimal solutions are proposed.


electronic spectrometry; dead time; analog-to-digital converter; computer buses; operating systems

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