Anomalous Anisotropic Magnetoresistance And Magnetization In Mn3.69Bi95.69Fe0.62

A. V. Terekhov, A. L. Solovjov, A. I. Prokhvatilov, V. V. Meleshko, I. V. Zolochevskii, J. Cwik, A. Los, A. D. Shevchenko, O. M. Ivasishin, Z. D. Kovalyuk


It was found that the Mn3.69Bi95.69Fe0.62 consists of two phases, namely of a bismuth matrix and BiMn inclusions. It is shown that the samples have a crystalline texture. Independently on the applied field orientation, maximum on the temperature dependence of magnetization is detected at Tmax ≈ 85 K, which is associated with the reorientation transition of the magnetic moments of Mn for αBiMn phase. In turn, the electrical resistivity ρ(T) also demonstrates maximum at Tmax ≈58 K in a magnetic field of 800 kA/m when HI. It is established that the maximum of ρ(T) increases and is shifted toward higher temperature Tmax≈94 K when field increasing up to 2400 kA/m. At the same time no clear maximum on ρ(T) is observed for H||I. It is shown that the relative magnetoresistance, Δρ/ρ0, is increased both with decreasing temperature and with increase of the magnetic field. The measured enhancement reaches Δρ/ρ0≈250% for H||and Δρ/ρ0≈2400% for HI in magnetic field of 2400 kA/m. Thus, the strong anisotropy of ρ(T) and Δρ/ρ0(T) is established both for HI and H||I. Possible explanation of observed anomalous behavior of the temperature dependences of the electrical resistivity in magnetic fields has been proposed.


huge anisotropic magnetoresistance; reorientation transition; electron and hole Fermi surfaces; MnBi alloys; crystalline texture; bismuth

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